School Programs

Over the past decade, Michael C. DeSchalit has trained and presented to over 500,000 students and educational faculty, in 15 states and in hundreds of different schools. He has developed and produced curriculum for dozens of training programs, classes and assembly presentations. He specializes in motivating and empowering students and educators to envision, set and achieve goals in order to raise their level of leadership in their schools and organizations.

Educational Assemblies…

 “The Magic of Success”

    Students are taught the “Five Secrets of Success”, imagination, believing the impossible is possible, setting and achieving goals, education and practice, and unsing your gifts and talents. The presentation is highlighted by Award Winning Magic and there is always lots of audience participation to keep everyone engaged. The performance culminates with Michael escaping from a 20 inch by 20 inch by 30 inch diamond plated steel cabinet just to encourage students to “think outside of the box”. This assembly presentation is suitable for all age and grade levels and is very affordable to fit within your school budget.


“The Magic of the Mind”

   An intuitive and educational look at how the mind works and a very interactive demonstration of the power we all possess in our sub- conscious minds. During this presentation, students will learn how the conscious mind differs from the subconscious mind  and the difference between perception and reality. They will also learn how imagination and suggestion can help us on our journey to success and how the six senses are our greatest resources. The entire assembly presentation is filled with visual and experiential demonstrations where all of the students are active participants.


“Hypnosis… It’s Just a Frame of Mind”

    This is another great assembly program where you can watch your friends and class mates become movie stars and expert dancers. You will laugh like crazy as volunteers lose their belly buttons to Martian visitors and as they forget the number “6” when they try to count their own fingers. It’s good clean fun that teaches students that they can become and accomplish anything in life just by using their imagination and the power of their own minds. This show is also a great entertainment solution for school carnivals, family fun night and grad night parties.


 Fundraising Opportunities…

If  funding is a concern for your school PTA, Booster Group or Student Club, Magically Speaking and Michael can help you raise the money you need with either his World Class Magic Show, his Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show or even by hosting a “Live to be Smoke Free” Hypnosis Seminar. Magically Speaking provides your group with all the necessary tools to make your fundraisning event a success. The best part is there  are NO up-front expenses, NO minimum purchases, NO product inventory and NO delivery!!! Your group can earn thousands of dollars in profit just for hosting a one day fundraising event.