Comedy Stage Hypnosis

A comedy stage hypnosis show where members of the audience become the entertainment!!!

Michael C. DeSchalit is a Master Stage Hypnotist and  was trained and certified personally by the Past Dean of American Hypnotists and Father of Modern Stage Hypnosis Dr. Ormond McGill.

 Watch as volunteers go into a deep trance right before your eyes, and laugh like crazy as they speak in Martian and forget the number “6” when they try to count their own fingers. See normal people become expert dancers and grown men struggle to get out of their chairs when they believe they are 8 months pregnant.

It’s good clean, side splitting fun and perfect for all age groups and events. A great entertainment solution for corporate functions, school assemblies, grad nights, fairs and even fundraisers.

“Guaranteed that you won’t sleep through this show… Unless you volunteer!”


Michael C. DeSchalit is proud to be a member of the following orginazations:

The National Guild of Hypnotists

The Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis

S.H.O.W. – Stage Hypnotists of the World